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Rogers Master Collision
Bloomington MN

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Minneapolis / St. Paul MN


Tow Directly to Us!

Accident?  Need a Tow to our MN Shop?

Auto accidents don’t only happen during business hours.  If your vehicle is unsafe to drive, have it towed directly to one of our shops. Call us 24 hours a day for assistance.  The tow company will bill us.  

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It’s a disservice to our customers

Accident?  Need a Tow to our MN Shop?

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best we can.  Giving an estimate using photos only will NOT give an accurate estimate.  It is a ball-park at best.  We cannot determine ALL of the damage based on an image.  There is unseen damage that needs to be considered. Simply put, we do not wish to give you a false sense of pricing, when it could be hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage that is unseen in a photo.

Getting an Estimate for auto body, collision, or hail damage repair costs is EASY! Simply make an appointment and show up on time! Bring your insurance information if this will be going through insurance. We will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a computerized Repair Estimate. Our Estimator will go over the Repair Estimate with you and answer any questions. Even a little ding, dent, scratch, or paint job starts with a free estimate.  If your vehicle is not safe or able to drive, have it towed to our shop. (We can help set up a tow).

REMEMBER:  Walk Ins Are Always Welcome!