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How do I get an Estimate?

Simply stop by any one of our shops and ask for an Estimate.  It takes about 15-20 minutes on average, depending on the amount of damage.  If your vehicle is not safe to drive, have it towed to us.
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Note:  Some insurance companies prefer to write their own estimate.  That’s fine.  They can come to our shop and write an estimate, or they can do one off-site (in which case, you just need to bring in a copy of their estimate when you have the vehicle repaired here).

Do I need more than 1 Estimate?

No.  You only need one.  If your insurance company says you need more than one, let us know and we can work with them on your behalf.

My insurance company is paying for the repairs. What should I know?

Call your insurance company and get a Claim Number.  We’ll need that to get started.  When your vehicle has been repaired, you will pay Master Collision Group your deductible.  Your insurance company will issue a check for the remaining balance.  If you’ve got rental car coverage, you can get a rental car.  If you you don’t have rental car coverage - ask us about our Rental Car Assistance Program.

I got hit.  That person’s insurance company is paying for the repairs.  What should I know?

Make sure to write down all of their information - Name, Address, Phone, Car Make/Model, Their Insurance Company. We will need a Claim Number to get started.  The person that caused the damage to your vehicle should be liable for the repairs, and so their insurance company will be paying.  In this situation, you are the “Claimant”.  As a Claimant, you will not be responsible for any deductible.  You will also be eligible for rental car coverage too.

Do you have a warranty?

We are proud to provide a Lifetime Warranty.  We want you to be happy and will stand behind our work!

I need a rental car.  Will my insurance pay for it?

This has many possible answers...

- If it’s YOUR vehicle and YOUR insurance is covering the repairs AND you have rental car coverage, then the answer is Yes.

- If you do NOT have rental coverage, you will be pleased to know that Master Collision Group has discounted rates with Enterprise.  Ask us how to get this special rate on your rental.

- If you are a Claimant (another party’s insurance is paying for the repairs), rental coverage is covered by THEIR insurance.

Your technicians have what type of training?

We hire the “cream of the crop” to work on your vehicle.  Today’s vehicles are complex and require skilled and highly trained technicians.  All of our technicians receive on-going training to keep up-to-date with the latest vehicles and repair techniques. They are I-CAR and ASE certified.  They can work on all vehicles - both foreign and domestic.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

This is based on the amount of work that needs to be done.  Your Estimator should be able to give you a projected “done date” - providing there are not delays - ie: parts delay.

I’ve heard of DRP - What does it mean?

It stands for Direct Repair Program.  This is what insurance carriers call those companies that they prefer to do business with, and therefore, make it easier to process paperwork.  Master Collision Group is a DRP for most major insurance carriers.  In fact, we were one of the first (ever) in the Twin Cities area to become a DRP shop.

What insurance companies do you work with?

This is easy... ALL of them.  From local to out-of-state insurance companies.  As part of our service to you, we offer claim assistance.

I just have a minor scratch I’d like fixed.  Do you have a minimum?

No.  We’re happy to help you with whatever work you’d like done.  From minor scratches, dents, dings, mirror replacement, even headlight clearing (making foggy or yellowed headlights clear again).  These types of services usually fall below most deductible requirements.  We have very competitive rates for out-of-pocket services.  Call for rates or bring it by for an Estimate.

My insurance company is telling me I have to use a different shop.  Can they do that?

No.  It’s YOUR vehicle, so it is YOUR choice where you want it repaired.

What type of vehicles do you repair?

We work on ALL makes and models of vehicles (Car, Truck, Limo, etc) - both foreign and domestic.

Can you adjust your estimate to absorb my deductible?

No.  Any ethical body shop will not do this.  You have a contract with your insurance company to pay the first part of the bill (up to your deductible amount) and they pay the remaining balance.  If a body shop is willing to cut corners to absorb the cost, you will probably not be happy with the repairs and your safety may be in jeopardy.

My car has been determined to be a Total Loss.  What does this mean?

Generally, it means that your insurance company will pay you Fair Market Value for your vehicle, minus your deductible.  They will then take ownership of the vehicle.  This is providing you have Full Coverage on the vehicle.

Will the new paint match the existing paint?

Yes.  We use a computerized color matching system.  Then, we’ll mix the paint and spray a test swatch to visually check the match BEFORE  the vehicle is painted.

Can I get a ride home after I drop off my car?

Yes.  We offer courtesy rides to work or home, providing they are within a reasonable distance.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept:  Cash, No Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard

Some companies offer Estimates via Email.  Why don’t you?

Honestly, it’s because we believe the whole vehicle needs to be inspected.  There’s usually damage that can’t be seen on the surface that needs to be taken into account when providing an Estimate.  Often times, companies use this as a ploy to get customers in their shop, based on a low Estimate - only to have the actual cost increase due to more damage than they initially quoted.